The Future Successes Are In The Realm Of Creativity

Jesse S. Somer

For a long time now business, commerce and law have been the main areas of study for students who wish to become successful in our modern materialistic society. Places like Harvard Business School were where so-called elite elements of human intelligence hoped to be trained so that they could then reach the highest ranks of status and wealth. Well, things are changing. This is because these people are now being outsourced. Presently, companies can get the same jobs done by people from India and Asia for one fifteenth of what it costs to rent an overpriced white collar American or European. The future no longer lies in these areas of financial process. The future successes now lie in ideas. The poor, starving, struggling artists are the kingpins of tomorrow. Creativity is now being seen as the desired quality for positive growth in any and every industry in our world.

Who cares about how good you know the systems of finance The question now is: How are you going to innovate and create ideas that further society and incite others to participate in your areas of interest Artists are now being sought after by businesses to produce imagery that inspires both investment and consumption. Idea creators are desired for their ingenuity and ability to change the ways in which society functions. We all know that the only constant in life is the fact that all things are in constant flux, perpetual change. So, how are you going to create changes that further society

Half way through this article I realized that I had to go to the toilet, but after entering the lavatory found that toilet paper was non-existent. As I work for a web hosting company that is quite relaxed about these things, I decided to get a breath of fresh air and go down to the corporate supplier and buy some. As I walked down the hot summer street with a package of 48 rolls of poo-wiping tree matter on my head, African style, I wondered if it might not be ironic that this crapping paper was sitting so close to my brain. Maybe I’m full of s*#t and creative people are always going to be thought of as people who just suck off the rest of society only to fulfill their unworldly whims. I don’t think so. Business graduates may have once been in a position of absolute authority, where they could charge as much as they want for the use of their special hard-to-come-by services. Now however, the tables have turned. Oh yes, society may still function with the whole capitalistic financial game, but can you tell me of ten accountants and lawyers that changed the face of the world. Can you

Maybe you can. Maybe you’re one of those super-intelligent types that know everything about how humanity has evolved over the millennia. Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, Van Gogh, Picasso, Einstein, Newton, Edison, Socrates and Buddha: How many of these people who changed the world were business graduates Creative ideas have always been intrinsic factors in creating momentous changes to social beliefs and systems on our world. I believe we are on a pendulum, and things are once again about to swing towards a time of inspiration and imagination. Even in the present money-driven social paradigm it looks like new ideas and ways of perception are going to be integral to one’s success. If we want to be a great part of the future human team, it’s time to once again open the right side of our brains and become balanced in our thinking processes. Am I full of crap, or full of inspiration You be the judge.

About The Author

By Jesse S. Somer
Jesse S. Somer is a human being learning to access the side of the brain that our society has long since relegated to the back burner on the stove of perfection.

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