Get Paid to Read Email Tips & Tricks - 9 Simple Steps

Mohd Irwan

As we know get paid to read email is one way to develop income stream and perhaps to start your own business on the net with a little hard work. If youre really serious in this arena, it can return you good bucks. Sex sites are not the only ones that can pull in $5000 a week using the power of instant access! I mean not sex sites can make money. Here 9 steps article about Get Paid to Read Email tips & tricks from me who not a “guru”, but Ill show you ideas and efficiency way that will rock your Get Paid to Read Email world.

1. Studies, Preparations are 90% of any job:

Ive been there before, wasting my time with those entire scams PTR program for nothing. All this because Im so electrifying to begin in this PTR world without doing any studies, I mess up and caution, do not repeat my mistakes. But no regrets, learning is key to success, rite

You have to be willing to make the effort by study all over the Internet such as in forum like GetPaidForum, articles, newsletter and some websites such as, , and

Maybe you can study some books such as Free Stuff for Everyone, Special Edition by Barbara Bectrer, Work-at-Home Directory by Barbara Becker and The Work-At-Home Sourcebook Work-at-Home Sourcebook by Lynie Arden. You can get those books with good price at or

2. Set a dedicated email:

Set one special dedicated email account. There are free emails that offer huge mailbox size e.g. Zwallet Mail where can earn cash with it, Yahoo Mail, Fastmail and Gmail if you have been invited . Huge mailbox can store your emails for couple days. Owner of PTR programs will delete you if your email bounced back to them. But be careful with email filtering setting that may block the email arrive.

3. Join payment programs:

Most PTR programs use these parties to pay their members, PayPal and E-Gold. Just click the link and register if you dont have one.

4. Starts join PTR programs and choose wisely, dont waste your time:

For a starter, any webmaster worth a pinch of salt starting any PTR site wouldnt be starting any site that pays more than 5c to read an email. In fact, I dont even join sites that pay more than 1 per cent click. Why Because not many could afford to buy an ad on your site if it was sustainable above 1c clicks.

Join several established low or no minimum payout PTR programs with good review and reputations, such as: No minimum payout, 6 reference levels. No minimum payout, 5 reference levels. No minimum payout, 5 reference levels. No minimum payout, 3 reference levels.

Then join a few higher earning PTR programs that will make more, such as: $3 dollars payout, 5 reference levels. $5 dollars payout, 6 reference levels. $5 dollars payout, 9 reference levels. $5 dollars, 5 reference levels. $10 dollars, 5 reference levels. $10 dollars, 6 reference levels. $30 dollars, 5 reference levels.

You can get more details at DinHeiroPlanet and The Belgian GPTR.

I know youll not be a member for only one PTR program trust me. Create a special folder in your browser “Favorites or Bookmark”, bookmark all your PTR programs, its impossible you can remember all of URLs or website address. Use Roboform or Auto-complete form to save time entering your personal particulars when subscribes PTR programs.

Check carefully when select categories of interest and read their terms & conditions and FAQ. Read carefully when registering, some tricky checkboxes use to test some users such as “I dont understand English”.

Why muck around with smoke and mirrors offering $1 up to some silly amounts Ive seen now $100 for each email read. I mean really, a blind man could see that you arent going to pay that. Then in your TOS you fiddle the words saying something like - On the 5th of every month, on a full moon, on every visit from Hailey comet, all honest members will be paid 000000.5% of their earnings. How would you even know what an honest member was, if youre not exactly that yourself

And there are many PTR programs that you need to avoid and I want to repeat, avoid them. You can see this with their ad rates. If the rates are too low they may not be around for very long. It is all a risk, dont wasting your valuable time, so try to avoid the PTR programs that promises with higher payout read their terms & conditions. The lists you can get it at: lists to avoid


PTR Police

5. Document the program:

Summarized the log of your programs on paper or spreadsheet include the program name, date joined, minimum payout, payment method, no. Of referrals, earn cash; earn points and minimum to redeem an advertisement. Update it weekly to see your earnings. Many members do a smart way by take screen shot of their programs, it also useful to be as proof in case of owner crash or lost their database.

You also can use third party software, ThePaidHelp to help you manage you get paid programs statistic. Click here to download the free The Paid Help trial version.

6. Read your emails:

Please check and read your emails every day, this is the only way how does this PTR programs work Dont read, dont get cash. Some emails expire quickly; some are for limited clickers. Dont leave unread emails so long, owner will assume that you are inactive members and youll remove or in most PTR programs if you are not a certain % as active as your down line you will not get the referral bonuses.

If you are from Search Country, do all paid searches. Hauling Cash is the good PTR programs if you are from search country. There are many countries which are prohibited from making searches. Beware if you are from unsearched country, dont do it because your account will be deleted.

Please read your email because some of the emails purposely to catch the cheat-bot that by cheater dont be one.

If you have time, I know youll not have one, please read the non-paid emails as well. Its support advertisers, and without them there is no income.

7. Visit PTR programs website:

Since you have added the program website as favorites, just do a simple visit every day if you have time. Sometimes the owner has updates; great promotions, get paid to play games, quizzes, contests and you can click at Paid to Click PTC section. This will help speed up your earnings a bit.

8. Uprade membership:

If you have extra earnings, please consider upgrading your membership to gold, silver or platinum. When you upgrade your free membership to an Upgraded Membership, you will receive the a lot of benefits including random referrals, bigger referral commission, unlimited banner impression, $0 dollar payout, discount advertising fees and be included in Email Sponsor. All the benefits are depending on program, different program different benefits.

9. The winning formula & no magic formula:

Most important in PTR is to build down lines and spend more time to build your empire.

Start design a simple website as a first step, if you dont know learn it because its worth it. Some HTML gurus such as WebMonkey will assist you. Otherwise you can ask experts to do it for you Some expert or email me Put all your get paid referral flashy banners in it. There so many FREE website hosting that provide with great tools such as Bravenet, FreeWebs and if you have Yahoo mail account, you automatically have a Geocities account. You also can try this great web hosting package by HostingMetro, HostSave, WinSave, ValueWeb or OnSmartNetwork. Website is like a foundation strategy for your business and you can start making money with it like join the affiliates program.

If you have join, you can ask ` thereseh` to help you create a great get paid banner hes portfolio, for your website. Or use Mighty Banners - Create professional banners in minutes - Free to try. Then start promoting your websites. Some tips to promote website can get it at or try this one How To Get 1 Million Visitors Without Paying A Dime In Advertising or The Traffic Jam Formula. Get it today, its FREE. Here some tips to design a banner. Build a websites is not a must but I advise you to build one.

Join manual or auto surf programs and click till you can get your site seen. You also can join advertising only sites to earn money or points for ads like and

If you already making money with get paid programs, instead claim your earnings for cash; redeem it for ads as much as you possibly can. Some programs have points email, read it and redeem it for ads.

Create a signature for your email or any posting about your get paid programs; its really helped you promoting your campaign and its work. Start sends email to friends and family and asks them to join. Start promote in e-groups, e-zines, newsletters, articles, bulletin boards or reports.

Advertise everywhere you can without spamming; advertise at FREE advertisementclick here to view some of Free Ads programs, billboards and check out the auction site like ebay and PTBid for great deals on paid ads, Paid To Click and banner impressions. Exchange your banners with others. Referral Exchange also a good idea, where you signup under me and I signup under you. If you a skills person, provide a service e.g. if you signup more than 3 under me, Ill create a FREE banner for you. You also can join the Downline Builder in Be creative with your ads to attract people.

The great ways to build a down line is to use down line builder such as GMR Down line Builder. Just put your members link and ready to go.

Maybe you have your own way to promote your links. I hope youve found this article beneficial and reference for collection strategy. I wish you all the very best in Get Paid business. Remember it can be a good profitable thing, so treat it like a business.

You also can view this tips at

About The Author

Mohd Irwan has home based business and website design experience. He is currently the Managing Director of GetPaidRocks., and holds a Degree in Multimedia Design from Multimedia University.


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