A to Z Guide In Getting Your Free DirecTV Satellite System

Teddy Low

What is DirecTV satellite TV

DirecTV satellite TV, technology that enables you to receive more than 225 TV channels, all in 100% digital-quality picture and sound. DirecTV is the leading Satellite TV provider in the U.S.: 9 years after its launch, DirecTV now serves 12 millions households with their free satellite TV deals.

Why DirecTV satellite TV

DirecTV Satellite TV: Free satellite equipments, Instant installations by DirecTV satellite retailers and NO maintenance is needed for the satellite dish!

DirecTV satellite TV or often known as Direct TV, DirecTV TV is so good because its equipments are free! DirecTV satellite TV is also simple to be used and instant to be installed! You nearly pay nothing to start up your DirecTV satellite TV services.

A few years ago, you had to install huge satellite dishes in your yard and buy expensive satellite equipment to watch satellite TV shows. Technological changes now make it possible to receive the microwaves coming from satellites using tiny antennas, known as "mini-dishes" you can see them about everywhere now, a receiver and a remote control.

The programming is distributed by 6 DirecTV satellites - each one of them remain always at the same place in the sky, 22,300 miles above the earth. When you first receive your DirecTV satellie dish, the installer aim it toward one of the DirecTV satellites, and after that no adjustment is necessary. Since the DirecTV satellite never moves, the dish never has to track it, so theres no waiting for the picture to come in and little maintenance is required.

Besides, DirecTV offers huge satellite TV program choices, crisp digital TV image and sound, HDTV-ready, and monthly fees are cheaper than cable TV!

For a summary of how it compares with cable, go to http://www.satellitetvissue.com/CableTVvsSatelliteTV.htm

Can I control what my children watch in DirecTV

You can restrict access to movies based on the motion picture rating system, pay per view spending limits, or block the viewing of entire channels in DirecTV satellite programs. A great feature provided by DirecTV satellite TV for parents who wish to control what their children watch.

Are the DirecTV satellite equipment really for free

Absolutely! The competition is so fierce in the satellite TV business that satellite TV providers are literally fighting to give you all the DirecTV satellite equipments youll ever need to receive Direct TV programs.

So whats the catch

Okay, you might be wondering how DirecTV dealers make money if they are giving out satellite TV equipments free. Answer: Like cable tv or cell phone companies, monthly subscription fees!

Why order DirecTV online

Online DirecTV retailers are the most aggressive since their overhead is very low compared to brick and mortar stores. You can only get these superb DirecTV bargains online, order DirecTV now before the deal is over!

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