A to Z guide in buying Dish Network online

Teddy Low

First thing first, what is Dish Network

Owned by the company Echostar, Dish Network or trade mark as DISH Network, is the United States second biggest Satellite TV provider. Dish Network provides up to 256 TV channels of 100% digital picture.

Satellite broadcast licensed in 1987, Dish Network currently dish up about 10 million satellite TV customers in United States. With up to 256 TV channels served in three major packages Dish Network All American Top 60s, 120s, and 180s and various free satellite equipments, Dish Network is the one of the best TV setup currently in the market. Huge programming choice, crunchy digital image, HDTV-ready with SuperDISH packages, digital video recording, and the best of all, it is CHEAPER than the cable TV!

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Are the equipments really free

Yes, absolutely! Worth $1500, these satellite TV equipments is totally free to get when you subscribe to Dish Network. Satellite TV provider are fighting hard to win the fierce competition that they will give you all the equipment free!

So whats the catch

Pretty simple: the subscription fees. You have to commit to a one-year subscription contract when you get into Dish Network or DirecTV. Both Dish Network and DirecTV are making money through the subscription fees in long term.

Why get it on line

Greatest satellite TV bargains are always found on line. Dish Network retailer, like Dish Pronto and VMC Satellite, are the most aggressive Dish Network retailers, since their operating cost is awfully low compared to brick and mortar stores. They are the only one that can afford to bring you the best bargains in Dish Network

What is the best hardware setup

2-rooms set up, 3-rooms set up, HDTV set up Ö getting confused

The best hardware set up really depends on your visualize and your location. Most people will be perfectly served by the multi-room systems right now. All the necessary equipment for up to 4 rooms, plus the installation, plus Digital Video Recorders are yours for the taking, FREE.

In this package, with just $50 of start up fees which they will credit back your account for the same amount, you are ready to enjoy your Dish Network. As mention before, these satellite TVs equipments are given life time warranty; you wont have to worry about receivers or dishes breaking down.

Same thing if you want to receive HDTV. Until recently you had to buy special equipment known as the Superdish to receive high definition signals. Now you dont even have to. As I explain on the Dish Network Superdish page, regular receivers those that are freely given like the HD-811 and the HD-DVR 921, can get all HD content.

If you want to get international programming - the strong set of Dish Network - you will have to buy an additional dish antenna at the cost of $99 at the time of writing.

Do I need to install the dish my self

Nope, you donít need to do that. Dish Network retailer workers will install your satellite system for you and its totally free of charge. Instead of sweating it, just leave the installation works to a pro. You will be getting an access card once your dish system had been installed. The access card is like a license for your satellite system.

If you need further help in Dish Network, you can always

Teddy Low

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