Numbers Not Crunched Become Soggy

Scott Foreman

Okay, you own a website that is also your business. There are some basics that you must have.

Sales. You’ve got to make a living. Whether you provide goods, services, or information, you’ve got to earn enough to pay your bills. How do you get sales

Traffic. If your business is entirely online, web traffic is the main, if not only, way to get sales.

“But Scott,” you say, “I’ve got traffic, but it’s not turning into sales.” The quintessential question being, ‘why not’

Let me ask you this. Where is your traffic coming from What page do they land on when they hit your site What path do they travel through your site and how long are they on each page What page do they exit your site from

All of the preceding questions can give you remarkably valuable answers as to why you are or are not getting sales from your traffic.

Just the other week, I was looking through the traffic of one of my sites only to find that we had more visitors get to our site from Google India, than any other search engine. After some research, we found that our product was not nearly as popular in India as in the States. As a result, we stopped marketing our product on Google India. Initially, we got less traffic, but the traffic we got was more receptive to our offer. We also saved advertising costs by ending the promotion in India and some other countries as well.

“How did we know where our traffic was coming from,” you ask Our Web Host gave us all the number crunching information that we could ask for. Many of you probably already use webhosts wonderful tools. What you may not know is how much information they provide. They go so much further than just sending out mass emails.

After all, we never would have known why our sales were so low if it weren’t for the valuable traffic information we got from our web host. There are many wonderful types of web hosting services out there, but our favorite can be found here:

Massive amounts of traffic are rarely bad, but knowing the details of such traffic can lead you from successful to SUCCESSFUL. Use your web host to get the information you can use to make substantive changes in your conversion rates.

Remember, be good to yourself and never underestimate the power associated with the intensity of your passion.

Copyright 2005 Foreman Enterprises
by Scott Foreman

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