The ABC’s of Cyber-Shop Set Up & Marketing: Affordable, Big League, Cheap!

Diana Barnum

How do you set up shop online How about one that’s top-notch, so that you can compete with the big guys, yet quick to set up, easy to maintain - - and cheap And how can you affordably market your shop once it’s ready to go

Questions like these are often brought to the attention of, an Ohio-based company specializing in helping businesses worldwide with their marketing, public relations and freelance writing services. Here are some top tips they offer based on their own client projects.


  1. To set up shop and focus on these qualities; professional, affordable, easy to maintain i.e. you can make your own basic edits with HTML code using Notepad or Frontpage, if you already have the software, check out templates. Many web hosting companies now offer their own for use when you sign up, like Yahoo! Stores. Or check out cheap packs often available like this 365 pack .

  2. For everything in *A* above, all in one place with even more goodies, check out membership programs like one from Bryan Winters at - Bryan is super and offers site hosting, templates, products with resale rights for backend sales, profit centers, etc. – all with continued support and lots more. No hype.

  3. Easily market your site with inexpensive business cards. Make a business card to match your site - -in color, theme, with company / title, etc. and complete contact info. Keep it simple, too. No need for graphics, flashy marketing mottos that could become outdated by the time you pass your cards out, etc.

One affordable, top-quality company is Vista: 3rd row from top, blue box on right


1. Select the Free Vista offer & don’t worry about their imprint on the back. Tell your customers, prospects, friends and everyone else that they can also get free business cards at this place, save expenses and pass along the savings to their clients like we do. Clients do like to know that you watch your budget!

You can play around with different promotions and order a couple different types of these Vista cards, too. For example, here are two kinds used with

  • One color coordinates with the website and simply states the services; Marketing, Public Relations, Freelance Writing Services. Along one edge of the business card, recipients are invited to a section on the website with Freebies. You can do this, too, by setting up a page that offers visitors a free report or newsletter…something from which your clients might reap benefits.

  • The other card is actually a fill-in-the-blank mini-marketing plan. It’s colorful and great for wallets, desks, etc. to remind business people to regularly refer to their plans. You could create your own special card, too. Add copywriting or marketing tips, maybe some spelling/grammar tips for email, for instance. Or add special tips that focus on the industries you work with.

2. With at least one style of your business cards, use the “Keep it simple” theme. Period. Don’t use fancy sayings or mottos that could be outdated by the time you distribute the cards. And no he-man gimmicks or slang so you have an equal chance with nonprofits, woman owners, male marketers, etc.

3. Play around with re-directing people to your site via different URLS or domain names, inexpensive now through places like And set up special pages cyber-doorways for them. For example, note these pages all go to one main site & can be tracked, reporting site statistics for later use with future marketing / budgeting plans:

Have fun & enjoy! Be creative and experiment to see what works best for you.

About The Author

Diana Barnum, president of and CEO of For more help with marketing, public relations and writing, email or call: 614529-9459.

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